Can you relate? feelings and fashion go hand in hand.

Can you relate? feelings and fashion go hand in hand.

Feelings and fashion go hand in hand. How do you feel today? Do you feel thin? Do you feel bad about your body image? These 2 things are what I think of some mornings. Often times, whatever my mood is it will translate into what I am wearing that day. I've made a list of things I do to help me with these feelings!

Dress for success. When you look good, you feel good. All of these sayings we have heard before. Are they true? I say YES. But some days it is still hard to get dressed- dressing for any occasion can be stressful and intimidating. I want to help some of you that have these issues. My advice is to plan ahead! Think about what you are going to wear the night before. It is easier a day before because you have time to change your mind if you are not feeling great in that particular choice. Another tip: Wear Black! Black is always a good color choice if you are not feeling good about your self. Trust me when I say, it does make you look thinner! Also, a jersey fabric is always a great choice because it is slenderizing. I have to stress... do not get caught up in the size that you are. Every clothing manufacturer cuts different. You may have to go up a size or down a size depending on what brand you wear. Do not let the size ruin your day/mood-just buy/wear what looks good on you!

Also, try to have a style expert in your life. Also as your friends for advice! You maybe seeing flaws in your body that others do not notice. Everybody has a weak spot. If you have fashion stores where you live go in and make friends with the style experts. Rely on them for the truth when you are shopping. You should always leave feeling good about your purchase. Then you will look forward to wearing the item you just purchased.

When you are in clothes that make you feel really good, just go for it. People will notice you. Your energy will be different and your clothes will reflect that.

Addicted to all things beautiful xo

Gina Curko


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