Be tailgate and school ready here at SeeSaw

Be tailgate and school ready here at SeeSaw

Tailgate clothing and back to school shopping here at all SeeSaw locations

Hello Ladies…

Well its college month. Time for everyone to return back to their most favorite place on earth…COLLEGE. For the first timers, like many of our staff, the nerves are kicking in but the excitement of the unknown is overwhelming. SeeSaw has you covered for it all. Questions like what do I wear at night? What do I wear to tailgates? What do I wear to class? What do I wear to dinners? We got you. With our back to school/fall season picking up, our staff will set you up for just about everything you need. No one wants to be stressed about clothing when you have work up to ears. Let us pick out outfits for you and help you feel a little less stressed about one thing…clothing.

This year we started doing more tailgate clothing.
We have Tulane, Syracuse, Michigan, Maryland, and Penn State in both stores. We decided to add this to our brand because in the area around us, we are a big on school pride so why not cater to our clients interests. We also want our clients to be ready for tailgates at school in the sickest clothing as well as cheer on their schools at home watching the games pretending they are at the tailgates. Nothing is better than college so why not be styled for it here at SeeSaw!

Come in and see our collection of college gear!

Addicted to all things beautiful xo
Gina Curko


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