Camilla Limited Edition Corset Available At SeeSaw

Camilla Limited Edition Corset Available At SeeSaw

Make this stunning work of art yours today.  While every piece of Camilla is a work of art to us, this Camilla piece is extra special because it is limited edition! There are only 62 of these corsets made and we have 2!  Each corset is hand embroidered making them truly one of a kind. We have numbers 36 and 37 to be exact!

The Maikos Midnight print is inspired by Japan's enchanting foliage and ornately gilded fans with an intricate painterly print. This corset is crystal-studded and features a heart shaped neckline, a softly boned bodice with peplum skirt, and rich hand-embroidered details.  Pair it under a blazer for a more refined look or with a pair of ripped jeans.  The beauty of Camilla pieces are their versatility.  We can't say enough about how much we love this line.  #Camillawithlove



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