Going Commando

Going Commando

Commando in all SeeSaw stores and why we went Commando!?!?!?

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Today lets talk about a brand we love, COMMANDO. The brand Commando is an important collection to SeeSaw because it changes the way women see themselves in clothing.  Everything Commando makes is seamless. Meant for layering. Underwear, slips, tanks, leggings, all made to be comfortable. Commando is all about style, starting from the bottom up. Everything starts from the inside, confidence, beauty, happiness. We want every women to feel excited to put on their clothes and Commando is here to make that happen! We want women to feel amazing and powerful and Commando helps make that feeling. Layering makes you look thinner!! Tanks and undergarments are important parts of an amazing outfit.

Both of our stores carry an array of Commando products. Each dressing room offers our clients slips and tank tops to slip on a style with clothing we may have picked for them. This helps our clients become more comfortable in our store and results in smiles when they look in the mirror and see how amazing they look in something they were doubting. Try one of Commando's butter camis and you'll know what we are talking about!

Commando is a game changer for us. The products give clients another opportunity to put themselves out there and try new types of styles. We pair mini cami slips underneath all of our favorite sundresses!


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