How to Style your Kimono

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How to Style your Kimono

Kimonos can be frightening at first but once you learn how to style them they can become your best friend for heightening any outfit. A kimono is perfect for the changing seasons. Transitions from styling it with shorts and a crop top in summer, to booties and jeans in fall, to high boots and a hat in the winter, to a flirty dress in spring. If you're just starting out we recommend a neutral outfit underneath. Meet me in Miami creates our fav Kimonos that we're so excited to share with you!

An easy fared sleeve snake sprint kimono with edgy metallic trim.

Bring a splash of color to an otherwise drab outfit.

Leopard print to bring out your wild side.

Perfect for the poolside!

So colorful and the grommets give it extra spunk.

Not one for crazy colors and prints? We've still got you covered!

This camo detail trim will camouflage any drab outfit.

Go wild for this wild print!


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