Julez Bryant Trunk Show

Julez Bryant Trunk Show

Julez Bryant is coming back to visit us at our location in Tenafly with one of a kind pieces fit and made just for you!

Hello Ladies...

We have exciting news to share that Julez will be back in our Tenafly location for a trunk show and we can not wait. She is coming August 8, Wednesday from 10-7 with her legendary collection. Our shoppers are always looking for the perfect fine jewelry to “complete their look” after they shop the store. That’s why when we laid our eyes on Julez Bryant’s accessories; we knew we had struck gold and knew she had to be part of the SeeSaw brand. The handcrafted pieces of hammered rose and yellow gold with real diamond insets are gorgeous- and just edgy enough to perfectly compliment the clothing lines we carry. Julez always looks to the natural beauty of the world around us—from a simple silhouette of a distant mountain range or the rich, gritty texture of an urban cityscape-these raw elements and beautiful forms always find a way into her collection. Words could not do her pieces justices which gives everyone a reason to come in and visit us and meet the amazing designer herself!


As we all heard over and over again, Diamonds are a girls best friend. Every girl needs some sort of jewelry to show case your outfit and put the style together. No one has too many bracelets or necklaces because every piece fits a different mood or style. You almost feel naked with out something to make your outfit pop or compliment your outfit. Why get a dressed up to only put on pieces of jewelry that make your outfit look drab? Jewelry is an investment for life, Julez is an investment for life. So lets start taking advantage of that investment.

Another important tip about jewelry especially our favorite Julez Bryant jewelry is find one focal point in your outfit. Whether it be the shoes or a dress, keep that in mind when picking what type of jewelry you want to pair with your outfit. You do not want to have two pieces overshadowing each other, now that is just a mess.

It is important to know the rules of jewelry and know how to get everything flowing so easily and beautifully together.

So ladies, everyone come in and visit me and Julez and let our team show you have to wear showstopping pieces with amazing efforts in just minutes.

Hope to see you there


Addicted to all things beautiful xo

Gina Curko




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