White Hot Summer Sneakers

White Hot Summer Sneakers White sneakers are a staple in every girls closet. They have the ability to elevate a casual outfit, giving it that extra oomph! If you haven't already invested in a pair or are just totally in love with the whole trend this list of sneakers available at SeeSaw is without a doubt for you!

Celeb Outfits We Love

Celeb Outfits We Love Summer time means summer trends, here at SeeSaw we always stay up to date on the latest styles. Who better to look to for the latest trends than celebs we love? From red carpets to daily looks, here are some outfits that are as hot as the summer sun!

Summer Accessories That Won't Break the Bank

Summer Accessories That Won't Break the Bank Inspired by the South American Quechua word Misk’i, which means sweet, Mishky's jewelry draws inspiration from their Colombian heritage. Designers and founders, Tita Navia and Martha Durán, followed their passion for making unique pieces with a little extra. Perfect for traveling with, these beaded masterpieces are so on trend. The bright colors bring some summer fun to liven up any outfit. Here are 10 pieces we've picked to keep you on trend without breaking the bank!

See it, Saw it, PACK IT!

See it, Saw it, PACK IT! Summer is here! Summer means vacation! Time to yourself. Time to unwind. Time to spend with family and friends.
For so many of us, packing for vacation seems like a daunting task. What is the weather going to be like? Will the restaurants be cold? How many bathing suits should I bring? These are all questions we ask ourselves before the dreaded PACK.

What to Wear to the Hamptons

What to Wear to the Hamptons July is vacation month! A favorite destination for many of our customers in the hot summer months is the Hamptons. To help you get your suitcase ready for your weekend in the sun here are our top 7 favs for your summer fun in the Hamptons! Blouses, Dresses, Bags and more!