Trish McEvoy brand mixes with the SeeSaw Brand

Trish McEvoy brand mixes with the SeeSaw Brand

Trish McEvoy and SeeSaw brand coming together. Now clients are able to order make up all at SeeSaw!

Hello Ladies, happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend… I did. Seesaw has recently partnered with Trish McEvoy, a makeup icon. We have been running events with them to give you guys the full makeover experience. Our expert makeup artists are fantastic and will give you guys your perfect glam: from an everyday, light look to a smokey eye night look, they will deliver. The great thing about this is that Seesaw is a one stop shop. Our customers can come in before a night out to get their makeup done and pick out their special outfit! The best part is that if you love the makeup, which you will, we can special order any Trish product for you and get it right to a Seesaw near you within a week.
Seesaw is constantly getting new items, from designers that you don’t know, but need to know. We will deliver in making you all look even more gorgeous, if thats even possible! With our beautiful clothes, limited edition shoes, vibrant jewelry and now FANTASTIC makeup…we are equipped to give you that total makeover that every girl wants before a fun night out! I would like to invite all of you to join me and my staff to all future Trish McEvoy events! Keep your eyes open for our future events in those busy email accounts that fill up with in seconds.

Hope to see you guys at the next event!


Addicted to all things beautiful xo

Gina Curko


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