Women's Rights Information Center Honors Gina Curko

Women's Rights Information Center Honors Gina Curko

Our fearless Gina Curko has been honored by the Women's Rights Information Center as a community change maker.

Our fearless Gina Curko has been honored by the Women's Rights Information Center as a community change maker. The WRIC (Women's Rights Information Center) hosted a beautiful Gala fundraising event the evening of Tuesday, May seventh. The Center is a nonprofit community-based organization dedicated to empowering women to become independent, self-confident and self-sufficient. The Center's employment, education, legal and housing programs enable more than 700 women each year to overcome economic and social barriers and improve their lives. This year, the Center celebrates 45 years of service to the community. Proceeds went to clients as they strive to improve their lives and reach their economic goals.


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