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Pam & Gela

Pam: I was born in LA and grew up a skate-boarding Valley girl in Encino. I was always outside, climbing trees, riding horses, going to the beach to boogie board, and playing competetive sports too, but mostly for costumes. Encino was a magical sunny place in the 1960's and '70's, a weird melting pot of creative kids who had the burn. A crazy Southern California tribe all grew up there together, the the fashion companies we started grew out of our obsession with SoCal pop culture. My inspiration started with Vads sneakers, Hang Ten t-shirts, and Op shorts. That was the California luxury then.

Gela:  I was born in NEw York, but my family moved to a new state evert 3 years or so, which was an excellent opportunity to always reinvent my style. This fueled my already overly active, insanely galmourous imagination. I remember my life by what I wore. I started wearing heels when I was around 5--these plastic glitter heels that made the best click-clacking sound ever. As a teenager, I was all about hippie-chic fringe jackets, floppy hats, granny dresses, and Indian jewelry. I loved Jimi Hendrix, Anita Pallenberg, and the Rolling Stones, the whole 1970's look and movement. I had a penchant for pure shock-value dressing. 

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